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Choosing the perfect blend of bridesmaids style can be tricky, but thank goodness wedding planner Ashleigh of Hello Weddings has given me some great insight on how to have your bridesmaids looking and feeling effortlessly stylish.


It’s one of the many challenges planning your big day – finding the perfect outfit for all your maids! With many bridesmaids chipping in for their own dresses, you want to ensure your besties are feeling incredible with the look you choose for them – not merely sucking it up through gritted teeth!

If your girl gang are similar in height, colouring and build, you may find choosing their gowns a breeze – but when your besties are a mix of complexions, curves, heights and tastes, it can be tricky to find a look that suits everybody – whilst hitting the style you’re after for your day.

Fortunately, gone are the days of matching satin dresses with puffy sleeves, and there are lots of chic ways to have everyone looking (and feeling!) incredible.


Same, same, but different

One of the favourite trends of the last few years is to choose bridesmaids frocks from the same family of dresses, but mix it up with different cuts in the same colour, or a family of colours in the same cut.

Go with a universally flattering tone like charcoal or navy in different cuts, or choose a palette of complementary colours together, such as nude, oyster and blush.

We love Shona Joy’s range of bridesmaids frocks; with a heap of choices in shapes and colours in the same fabric, there’s something to suit everyone.

Our tip? Make sure there’s a healthy mix of styles and/or colours – if three of your four girls are in one cut and colour with an odd one out, it will throw off the look!


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If you’re set on having all your girls in the same cut and colour but you’re catering to a mix of tastes and colourings, your best bet might be to go monochrome. Choosing a universally flattering colour like black is guaranteed to look beautiful, can create amazing contrast against your wedding gown, and allows your bouquets to really sing.

On the other end of the colour spectrum, a favourite trend over the last few years of dressing your maids in white is standing the test of time, and looks as incredible as ever!


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Our tip? Keep in mind the overall style of your day – all black bridesmaids gowns look incredible for a black-tie affair, or if you’re looking for some serious contrast with more laid back surrounds; if you’re after a more relaxed vibe, perhaps consider white or a softer tone like charcoal.


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Mix it up

Sometimes the best way to choose is to not choose at all – consider letting your girls run wild and choose their own! After all, no one knows what they’ll feel a million bucks in better than they do. This approach is perfect for a more casual setting, when you have a huge group of girlfriends, or love a surprise – give some guidance on the look you’re after (e.g., “Floor length and floral”, “Pastels tones”, or “Anything metallic”), and let them work their magic!


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Our tip? Make sure you set clear guidelines you’d like your girls to work within – if you say “choose whatever you like” without parameters, you might end up with a bright red evening gown paired with a tea length floral number!


At the end of the day, your bridesmaids are thrilled and honoured to be standing up next to you on one of the biggest days of your life. But if they love their look as much as you do, well – even better!

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