How to plan a wedding


Where to begin with wedding planning? It’s enough to send even the sanest person into a spin!

From the ideal date, to nailing your location, selecting a gown and setting a budget – there is so much to consider.

Don’t stress, I’ve got your back. I’ve popped together a little guide to wedding planning that we hope will make your life as a future bride or groom that little bit easier. So sit back, relax and let me do the talking.


Plan for hidden wedding expenses like a pro.

Ring-a-ding-ding, you’ve got the ring! Now, do you have the bank balance to sustain your impeccable style?

When prepping for your perfect wedding, all the big and little items certainly can add up and it’s enough to give even the savviest of brides and grooms a money migraine!

This here is not about the big ticket wedding budget items – for help on that, see here, but rather, a handy little guide to the not so obvious penny pinchers that can arise when you’re planning a wedding.

Some of these you may have a handle on, others might take you by surprise – either way – get your Bride Business book out and nail your planning – like a party pro.



Twenty tips to stop a budget blowout

Photo – Katie Harmsworth


Budget – there is no other word in weddings that strikes more fear in a soon to be married couple!

Once the post engagement high wears off, the reality of dollars kicks in. All those magazines you’ve dog eared, the Instagram images you’ve saved, the blogs you’ve trawled can often be pie in the sky ideas, and unless you’ve suddenly won lotto, it’s more than likely you don’t have unlimited funds to spend on your wedding day.

With reports suggesting that couples are spending upwards of $50k on their day, it’s enough to make your eyes water and who wants to be a broke-ass bride or groom?

So, here’s some help! We’ve popped together twenty wedding budget tips to keep more dollars in your back pocket.


Getting social – modern day wedding social media etiquette

Snap, filter, caption, post.

It’s almost second nature these days, and what is it they say – if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen?

When it comes to your wedding day, while the ‘unplugged’ trend of requesting guests to refrain from taking photos, is growing in popularity, there’s no doubt couples choosing to harness the power of social media, is beating strong.

Although social media might be acceptable at a wedding celebration, there is a certain etiquette that a couple and their guests can follow ensuring the entire day isn’t spent behind a screen.


The art of pulling off a surprise wedding

Boy oh boy are surprise weddings fun! Fun, because there’s nothing quite like a room full of shrieking people who are none the wiser that you are about to get married.

Surprise weddings are the perfect option for couples that are looking for something completely nontraditional, want to rein in the budget of planning a full blown wedding or simply want to be married sooner rather than later. But how do you pull of a wedding that will take everyone by surprise?


Choosing your Tribe

So, you have your hubby/wife-to-be. You have all the love in the world and a catalogue of amazing ideas and inspiration. You may have your date, venue and even your bridal party lined up, but how do you go about securing the A-Team – that special Tribe of suppliers that will ease your wedding planning troubles and ensure your day runs as smoothly and as beautifully as it does on your secret board on Pinterest?

Here are my red hot tips for picking your wedding day supporting cast.